About Our Company

Founded back in 2007, our tax firm has been providing relief to the people of United States, in an ethical and honest fashion. When two industry veterans saw how corrupt the system was, they new there was a better way to do things. They knew that treating clients like their own family was better for business in the long run.

So they broke off from the companies they were with, to start Instant Tax Solutions. Since then, we have helped thousands of people across the country to finally get out of their tax problems. To reward our hard work and client satisfaction, the BBB has awarded us an A+ rating, and it has stuck there since we were founded. (the highest rated in the industry).

Well other companies were being taken down by the federal government because it took money from clients without performing the work, our firm stand strong, and continues to help people to this day. No matter what company you decide to work with, make sure to do your research on them on a verified third-party site, that actually reviews and verifies the review’s authenticity, because unfortunately there’re a lot of artificial negative reviews falsely written by competitors.

If you are ready to discover what been treated like feels like, give us a call today, for free 15 minute phone consultation, where you can learn everything about your tax problems. It is no obligation, so you can take that information, and even fix the problem yourself, or hire somebody else.

The call is free, and the information is yours to keep. We look forward to hearing from you.