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Among the worst things you can do with IRS back tax debt is continue to neglect it for decades at a time. The IRS loves to add to the amount you owe, and certainly will stop at nothing to collect that money on additional penalties and interest costs.

They are the biggest collection agency on the planet, and we firmly believe that no one should have to face them by themselves again.

For most of US, having them always harassing with revenue officers and letters, notices is a horrid idea.

That’s why our Annapolis team is here to assist you. You will have someone in your corner to help negotiate for you, and no longer need to face the Internal Revenue Service by yourself.

If you owe the federal government, or the state of Maryland, our dedicated law firm is here to make your own life easier.

With just 15 minutes on the telephone with our specialists, you’ll understand exactly what you will qualify for, and what to do.

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What is a lien?

A federal tax lien is a lien enforced by the authorities to legally assert against your assets if by any chance you don’t remunerate your tax dues. The lien cushions the authority’s claim to all your existing property, inclusive of personal financial and real estate assets. Generally, a federal tax lien is imposed whenever the IRS analyses your accountability, when they deliver to you a bill that lays out into detail how much you are owed and also when you decline to pay your debts on schedule. Liens typically record the exact amount owed to IRS in the precise time it is levied in a public file called the Notice of Federal Tax Lien. The record notifies creditors that the government has a right to seize your property at any particular time. Credit reporting agencies that are different conventionally acquire this particular info so tax liens ultimately reflect on your own credit reports. Tax Liens are normally active ten days after issuing a demand to clear the tax debts that are stipulated.

Federal tax liens can certainly be averted from being lodged by paying up all your tax dues before the IRS choose to levy a lien on your assets, and also. Through establishing payment deals which adequately meet the requirements of the IRS so as not to lodge a lien, they may also be evaded. A federal tax lien can’t be filed if a citizen decided to prepare a streamlined or guaranteed installment accord. Such arrangements require the taxpayer keep a balance of less than or an amount $10,000 that for the bonded payment and for that is accord the streamlined arrangement it that is, should be $25,000 or less. In a predicament where the taxpayer owes more than $25, 000, a tax lien may be averted if he/she tries their best to reduce that particular outstanding balance to exactly $25,000 or less and instead lays out a streamlined accord. There are just two methods of removing tax liens: withdrawal and release.

What can I do to get a tax lien removed?

Drawing federal tax liens is like it never existed when the IRS resort to revoking the lien. The lien is filled, lien withdrawals usually take place. In a case where the tax lien is erroneously filed, contact the IRS as soon as possible. The IRS representatives will assess your account in order to substantiate you have no tax arrears then take the crucial steps in removing the lien.

Releasing a national or Maryland state tax lien typically means that your assets are no longer constrained by the lien that is imposed. Promptly after lien releasing, the county records will instantly be brought up to date to show that is has been released. Yet,the presence of a federal tax lien once will be shown in your credit reports for ten years.

What to Do Next


The very best means of finally getting out of debt is to use the expertise and know how of a reputable law firm serving Annapolis

Have you ever been fighting for several years with your back tax debts, and are eventually fed up with dealing with the Internal Revenue Service by yourself?

Have they started sending letters and notices to company or your residence, demanding you pay additional penalties and interest costs for the amount you owe?

If so is hire a tax law business that is reputable and experienced to be by your side every step of the way. The good news is, our Annapolis firm is the perfect candidate for the occupation, with an A+ company standing with the BBB, thousands of happy customers all over the country (notably in exquisite Maryland), and our own team of tax lawyers, CPAs and federally enrolled representatives, all prepared to work on your case today.

The IRS is the largest collection agency in the world, with thousands of revenue officers and billions of dollars set aside to pursue great, hard working folks like you for the money you owe. The only thing they care about is getting the money they are owed. You shouldn’t have to face them by yourself. We don’t get intimidated about like normal citizens do, and can use our private contacts to negotiate the settlement that you need.

Using seasoned Annapolis legal counsel on your tax dilemmas is like having an expert plumber come and repair your massively leaking water main. Certainly you could probably finally learn just how to fix it by yourself, but by the time you do, your house is most likely permanently damaged from leaking, and certainly will cost much more than just hiring the pro in the first place.

Our team of experts is standing by, prepared to help you today!

Instead of having to pay tax debt at the same time to all of you, let our Annapolis team negotiate a payment plan for you

So long as the taxpayer pays their tax debt in full under this particular Agreement, they prevent the payment of the fee that’s associated with creating the Understanding and can reduce or eliminate the payment of fees and interest. Creating an IRS Installment Agreement requires that all necessary tax returns have been filed prior to applying for the Arrangement. The taxpayer cannot have any unreported income. If more than $50,00 in tax debts are owed, then the taxpayer may apply for a longer period to pay the debt.

Benefits of an Installment Payment Plan

The agreement will bring about some important benefits for the citizen. While an agreement is in effect, enforced set actions will not be taken. Life will be free of IRS letters and notices. There is going to be more financial independence when the taxpayer can count on paying a set payment each month rather than needing to be concerned about getting lump sum amounts on the tax debt. The taxpayer will remove continuing IRS fees and interest. The Internal Revenue Service will assist if the taxpayer defaults on a payment providing the IRS is notified instantly, the taxpayer keep the arrangement in force.

Obligations of the Installment Agreement Compromise

Some duties come with the Installment Agreement. The minimum monthly payment must be made when due. The income of the incomes of taxpayers that were combined or an individual taxpayer must be disclosed when putting in an application for an Installment Agreement. Sometimes, a financial statement should be supplied. All future returns should be submitted when due and all of the taxes owed with these returns should be paid when due. Taxpayers paying their tax debt under an Installment Agreement might be required to authorize direct debit of their checking account. This method of making monthly payments enable the taxpayer to request that the lien notice be removed. If the taxpayer defaults on the Installment Agreement, but, the lien can be reinstated.

The taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service can negotiate an Installment Agreement. Nonetheless, particular advice should be provided and any advice may be subject to verification. For citizens a financial statement will be required.

How to Get Ready to Apply

There are several precautions that should be considered, while taxpayers can make an application for an IRS Installment Agreement. There are some condition which can make this a challenging undertaking though the IRS tries to make applying for an Installment Agreement a relatively simple process. It is crucial to get it right the very first time that the application is made, since many problems can be eliminated by an Installment Agreement with the Internal Revenue Service.

We are the BBB A+ rated law firm serving all of Annapolis and Maryland, which could provide you with expert help. Our many years of expertise working with the IRS on behalf of Annapolis citizens who have problems qualifies us to ensure acceptance of your application for an Installment Agreement.

A bank levy may be taken out within 24-48 hours, but only in case you act immediately and let our Annapolis team help you

Bank levies are charges levied in your Annapolis bank account when you’ve outstanding tax debt. Regrettably, the procedure is always rough. In most cases, the institution ends up freezing all the cash that’s available in a given account for a period of 21 days to handle a person’s or a business’ tax obligation. During the halt, it’s impossible to get your money. The single chance of getting them at this stage is when they are unfrozen when the period lapses. Preventing the levy lets you access your resources for meeting other expenses.

Why and When Bank Levies Get Applied

The IRS bank levies are applied as a final resort for you to your account to pay taxes. It happens to people in Maryland who receive demands and many assessments of the taxes they owe the revenue agency. Failure to act within the legal duration of a tax obligation leaves the IRS with no choice besides to proceed for your bank account. This occurs through communication between your bank and the IRS. You may find that on a specific day, in case you are unaware. It can be more than that and you get a refund after the levy period, although the freezing solely changes the sum equal to your tax debt. For meaning to levy along with a notification about your legal right to a hearing, a closing notice is followed by bank levies. In summary, the IRS notifies you of the bank levies that are pending. When employed, the IRS can just take cash that was in your bank on the date a levy is applied.

How to Have Bank Levies Removed in Annapolis

There’s a window of opportunity for you to use to get rid from your account of bank levies. Getting professional help as you take measures to safeguard your bank assets is a sensible move that you simply need to take. By being a step ahead of the IRS, you remove the bank levies. With a professional service it will not be difficult that you be aware of when to take your money out of the bank. You also need to enter into a payment arrangement with the IRS to prevent future bank levies besides removing your funds before the bank levy happens. You can certainly do it by getting into an installment arrangement. You can also appeal and seek qualification for ‘uncollectable status’.

They may be very complicated to implement while the alternative seem easy. Understand every aspect of the law, have the resources to do so, you have to act quickly and deal with associated bureaucracies levied by banks along with the IRS. The smart move would be to call us for professional help with your IRS situation. We’ve skills and experience which have made us a number one choice for many people. For more details and help, contact us for partnered tax professional support.

You could lower your tax debt by 50% instantly simply by having the penalties and interest charges removed

Once the IRS hit on you or your business using a tax bill, it generally appends interest charges and fees. These additional costs can be terrible such that an old tax bill could have double in interest and penalties pinned onto it. Some fees, like late payments, they can be included automatically by IRS computers. Otherwise, IRS staff may inflict penalties if you dishonored a tax code provision, like filing a late return.

Once penalties are inflicted, if you do not complain, the IRS supposes you admit them. Fortunately, a fee can be confiscated by the IRS just as straightforward as it contained one. The key to the domain of the tax penalty relief is showing a practical reason for your letdown to mind with tax law.

The total amount of tax code fines that are distinct is staggering. Below are some of the fees that IRS will tack on to the debts of individuals who’ve not filed their back tax debts.


The IRS will impose a 20 % fee on you if you were unreasonably negligent or considerably minimized your taxes. This precision-associated fine is applied the IRS learns it as well as when you CAn’t set a deduction in a review, or you didn’t submit all of your income.

Civil deception:

A fee 75% could be attached if the Internal Revenue Service discovers that you weren’t reported your income with a deceptive intention.

Delayed Payment:

Typically, the Internal Revenue Service will add a penalty from 0.25 % to 1% for each month to an income tax statement, which is not paid punctually. Fines for failing to make payroll tax deposits are much elevated.

Not Filing on time:

If you did not file your return punctually, the IRS can fine you an extra 5% per month on any outstanding balance. But this punishment could be applied just for the first five months following the due date of the return, equal to a 25% higher charge. If there isn’t any outstanding balance, the IRS can nevertheless visit lesser penalties.

When you know the motive and how you were hit by the IRS with fines, you can require that they eliminated or be abridged. The IRS name for this particular process is known as an abatement. About one-third of all tax fees are finally abated, and it’s going to not be less should you understand the ways to contest them.

Simply notifying the IRS that you cannot actually afford to compensate it, or do not like a fee, WOn’t work. You need to demonstrate reasonable cause, which means a supplication that is good. Based on the IRS, any sound cause advanced as the reason for postponement by a citizen in filing a return, making deposits, or paying tax when owed will be cautiously examined.

Ways to request for an IRS penalty and interest abatement

Enclose the following documents with your written request.

  • Letter from a registered medical practitioner, describing your condition that prevented you from filing your tax return punctually.
  • Death certificate substantiating the bereavement of close connections or your blood.
  • A comprehensive report from the fire division if your property is damaged because of fire.

What to Do Now

There are a few easy and effective ways to get your tax fines or interest condensed or even eliminated absolutely, if you have been imposed fees by the IRS. We have been in the industry for many years and we’re dedicated to offer our customers a professional IRS fee and interest abatement service legitimately. Contact us today to solve your tax problems all and the related fees levied by the Internal Revenue Service on your Annapolis company or on you.

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How Do I Choose the Right IRS Debt Relief Company?

To choose the proper IRS Debt Relief Business, you'll have to take note on some factors regarding the performance of the business. For example, you will have to inspect for an A rating in the BBB. The fewer the complaints the better. You will also need to check for duration of time in business. 5 years or more is optional; Check for licensed tax professionals and ask to speak with the man who'll be on your Power of Attorney; Make sure your case will not be outsourced to another business or individual; Be certain to know your purpose in the resolution of your tax debt, and the manner in which you and the Annapolis or Maryland business you select will socialize and work together.

How Do You Get an Offer in Compromise?

You'll find step-by-step instructions and all of the forms for submitting an offer in the Offer in Compromise Booklet, Form 656-B. Your accomplished offer bundle will contain: Form 433-A (OIC) (people) or 433 b (OIC) (businesses) and all necessary documentation as specified on the forms; Form 656(s) - person and company tax debt (Corporation/ LLC/ Partnership in Maryland) have to be submitted on separate Form 656; $186 application fee (non-refundable); and First payment (non refundable) for each Form 656. Pick a payment option. Your initial payment will be different based on the payment option as well as your offer you opt for.

How Much Do Tax Relief Companies Cost?

Tax resolution firms in Maryland are each with extremely fluctuating degrees of competence and integrity. This really is not entirely unreasonable, but one thing is said by some businesses and do the exact reverse. Make sure you read a company's contract . Flat fees are verbally promised by some firms, but their contracts clearly summarize hourly rates. A flat fee can be a good thing, because it motivates your tax expert to work difficult to resolve your tax debt.

How Long Can IRS Collect on Tax Debt?

As a general rule, there is a ten year statute of limitations on IRS collections. This means the IRS can try to collect your unpaid taxes from the date they were determined for up to ten years. Subject to some important exceptions, after the ten years are up, the IRS has to cease its collection efforts. The statute of limitations expires for thousands of taxpayers who owe the IRS money every year. If your Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED) is near, the IRS or state of Maryland may act vigorously to get you to pay as much as really possible before the deadline or agree to extend it.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Pay My IRS Tax Debt?

The IRS has payment options available in the event you can't pay the taxes you owe. Which alternative might work for you typically depends on how much you really owe and your current financial situation. Each choice has different prerequisites and some have fees. People facing financial difficulties may find that there's a tax impact to events for example Annapolis job loss, debt forgiveness or tapping a retirement fund. For instance, in case your income fell, you might be newly eligible for certain tax credits, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit. Most importantly, if you think you might have trouble contact the IRS immediately.

How Much Do Tax Lawyers Cost?

Reputable and most capable tax lawyers in Annapolis will charge their clients on an hourly basis for all services rendered. This will typically be an hourly charge of between $200 and $400. Typically, a tax attorney will require that their customer make a prepayment, which is called a retainer. This retainer is going to be a prepayment on the basis of the number of hours that your tax attorney believes they will be working on your behalf. This hourly fee will be deducted from the retainer, as the work nears conclusion.

What should I Do if the IRS Rejects my Offer in Compromise?

In case the IRS rejects your offer in compromise, you need to set the following documentation set up and be prepared to apply for an appeal concerning the offer in compromise: The 30-day letter rejecting the OIC; Worksheets that came with the rejection letter; Form 656, Offer in Compromise. Form 433-A, Group Income Statement for Wage Earners and Self Employed Individuals that you submitted to the IRS with your Form 656, Offer in Compromise. You should take note that throughout the self-help tool, where a Form 433-A or 433-B is mentioned, the Form 433-A (OIC) and 433-B (OIC) may also be utilized.

How Can I Eliminate My Tax Debt?

By asking for additional time to pay you can remove your Tax Debt. It's possible for you to request to pay what you owe. For the Installment Plan by paying off a tax debt of up to $25,000 over as long as 60 months. Pay by debit card or credit card. You might have a credit card that provides a lower rate, perhaps a zero percent teaser rate for a year. The IRA shuffle: You can not borrow from your IRA, but did you understand that if you wish to transfer the funds from one account to another, you have 60 days to do this? In effect, this is the same as a 60 day loan.

Can Tax Lawyers Really Help?

Yes, tax lawyers in Annapolis, MD can actually help. It is extremely important to take care of your tax problems very carefully. IRS tax matters are extremely crucial and sensitive issue as well as a slight error in the process can cost you may even land you in jail and quite dearly in the type of loss of cash, time, can get you frustrated. The legalities involved in the procedure of tax settlement of your IRS taxes along with the tax laws could be quite complicated and also you may not comprehend it in any way. Therefore, it's best to employ an expert in tax representation, who will manage to manage your situation in Maryland .

How Much Can My Tax Debt Be Reduced?

Depending on your individual situation, you can anticipate to reduce your tax debt beyond and by anywhere from 30% to 85%. In case you have faced substantial financial hardship including medical emergency, job loss, or something else, in Annapolis, you may qualify for some plans which may drastically reduce your debt. But if you do not, merely by removing the IRS penalties and interest fees, you can easily get 25% to 40% off of the sum you owe.